Hi, There

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I’m a words person, as perfectly basic and boring as that might sound. I blame a lifelong enthusiasm for crossword puzzles, which is, coincidentally, why I am aware of Bobby Orr. My career thus far has been odd, but it has a theme of folks asking if I could “wordsmith” things.

To date, I have:

Before that were four professional internships, at a magazine, alt-weekly, metro daily and nonprofit, respectively. Those led to my first full-time job with The New York Times Co., managing the wire, editing for an international audience and cramming information onto paper for cruise-ship vacationers.

And that experience paved my way to Austin, where I’m now burnishing my taco credentials and helping IT folks communicate at St. Edward’s University.

I’m always open for writing and editing freelance work, whether it’s news, commentary, reviews, copy-writing or forms of language I have not yet mentioned. Just holler.