Let Them Vote for Cake

To quote my beloved Snow Angel (the arbiter of, as yet, the only occasion I’ve been threatened with “legal action” from roving bands of Alpha Chis): lots of people do bad things.

And I have become a bad blogger, or, at the very least, a lazy one. In my defense, however, life is haaaaard.

Between work and, you know, Netflix, I’m pretty busy over here. Sometimes the creative will just isn’t there. But I have a solution! “We can do what they do in Russia: vote.”

Below are six post ideas that have been kicking around in either my drafts or my mind. I would like you to vote on which one you’d most like (or be least annoyed) to read. Populism, yeah!

If I recall correctly, and I do, The Oklahoma Daily did this once and ended up writing a week’s worth of editorials on bread. Thank you, democracy. As such, bread is not an option.

Never forget.
Never forget.

That disclaimer aside, please leave your votes in the comments or on the social media platform of your choice. Write-in ballots will at least be considered before being ultimately rejected.

And the nominees are:

— The profound cultural significance of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Fishin’ in the Dark.”

— A re-edit of a Maureen Dowd column with GIFs from “The Lego Movie.”

— A rundown of books that are not 8,000 pages that you should be reading right now.

— My mock-up of a Craigslist ad for the perfect trivia partner.

— Another one about how girls are totally awesome with affirming and appropriate Powerpuff Girls illustrations.

— Or, just, like, a photo essay of Snoopy wearing silly hats.


Thank you for your efforts in producing my blog. I couldn’t do it without such an almost loyal following.

You, IRL.
You, IRL.

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