In Memory of Zelda Brown, Beloved Cat & Daughter

Zelda conducted herself with bravery and aplomb, even in her final days.

Zelda Brown passed from this world just before 10 a.m., Saturday, June 4, at Hill Country Animal Hospital. She was 2 years old.

For a creature who produced several metric tons of allergens, Zelda was loved by all who knew her and made a practice of wooing those who were otherwise wary of her species. Her gentle spirit and myriad, progressively bizarre noises won over even the most cantankerous soul, most especially her stepbrother, Snoopy. Zelda cooed like a pigeon, ooked like a chimpanzee and still made time to purr at greater volume than her petite 4 pounds should have allowed.

Zelda’s hobbies were vast in scope, but primarily included: vigorous early-morning meowing, spreading litter from the bathroom to Hays County, staring at interesting walls and competitive not-moving with her stepbrother, Snoopy. She was also a connoisseur of fish broth and both a constant companion and obstacle to those who wished to read.

Zelda will be remembered and missed by her family forever, which, coincidentally, is how long they’ll be finding bits of litter among their belongings. She could never be replaced in the hearts and minds of those who knew her. Whatever awaits her in the next life, we hope it’s filled with stinky food and soft blankets.

Zelda is survived by her father, Thomas Brown, and stepmother, Nicole Hill, as well as a sister, Midna, and a stepbrother, Snoopy. Her extended family includes her grandparents, aunt and uncles, and several canine cousins, as well as her biological father, who was a cad and a rogue. She was predeceased by her biological mother, with whom she was not close.

To honor Zelda’s memory, her family asks that you consider donating to the Austin Animal Center from their Amazon wish list, or to the animal rescue organization of your choice. 


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